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Emotional Grit with guest Indre Biskis former World Learning Country Director of Lithuania

Emotional Grit with guest Indre Biskis, former Country Director of World Learning in Lithuania and later Program Developer for World Learning International Programs in Washington D.C.. She is currently a certified Alpine Ski Instructor for Vail Resorts with specializations in Adaptive and Children's instruction.

From helping Lithuania transition to a market economy after the fall of the Soviet Union, to teaching cognitively and visually impaired people with disabilities how to ski, her desire is to promote freedom and independence. In doing so, her real-life stories are nothing short of amazing.

They include what it was like to live behind the Iron Curtain and ways people persevered. They also include blind skiers who rely on their auditory senses to ski the mountainous terrain of Vail Resorts.

All great examples of emotional grit.

Vail Resorts with specialties in adaptive skiing and children instruction:

Official website of Lithuania:

Ashes in the snow:

World Learning:

Lithuanian Club of Beverly Shores:


Peace Corps:

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