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Emotional Grit With Jean Abbott | Misdiagnosed: Decades of Treatment for a Disorder She Never Had

Imagine being diagnosed with a form of Cerebral Palsy as a child, where you need to wear braces on your legs as you sleep and experience surgeries to either keep your knees from knocking as you walk or detach and then reattach muscles from your hips, so you can keep from tripping yourself. Even homework is a challenge, because it can be hard to hold a pen. As the years pass, you're given different medications and as an adult, have so many muscle relaxers, that you can't even sit in a chair without being propped up by pillows. Only to find out in your 30s, that you never had Cerebral Palsy. This is what happened to Jean Abbott.

Her amazing story of positivity and emotional grit has inspired people around the world. From news agencies in Europe to magazines and the Today Show in the U.S., it serves as an example of how it's possible to view life through a lens of gratitude every step of the way.

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