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Emotional Grit with guest Garrett Ebling survivor of the 2007 I-35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis

Emotional Grit with guest Garrett Ebling, survivor of the 2007 Minneapolis Interstate I-35W bridge collapse. Imagine crossing a bridge that would span nearly 2,000 feet over the mighty Mississippi River. What may seem like a typical commute, would soon turn into random sets of brake lights and then a sea of orange, before the cars in front of you….disappear. This is what happened to Garrett, before his car slid forward and dove over 100 feet into the ominous waters below. From the strangers who saved him to the timely first responders, countless surgeries and challenging rehabilitation sessions, his story is one of resilience, hope and triumph.

Garrett currently resides in Biwabik, Minnesota and helps others through things such as his book, podcast and interviews with both local and national media. In addition, he helps people via Instagram (@garrettebling) and Facebook by posting short video blogs about “finding your forward” post-trauma. For more information, please see the links below.

From Garrett:

I do a podcast ( that can be found on most podcast platforms like Spotify or Apple. It's called "A Stone's Throw." I also have a blog on Wordpress of the same name. (

My book is called "Collapsed - A survivor's climb from the wreckage of the I-35W Bridge".

You can also find me on Instagram (@garrettebling) and Facebook where I post short video blogs talking about "finding your forward" post-trauma.

Also working on the initial stages of putting an outline together for a second book that I'd like to make as a "workbook" for people who want to move forward from their trauma. While there are a ton of resources out there, it can be overwhelming. I've identified a three-layer pyramid that I want to help people work through toward mastering their trauma journey.

I was in a documentary that was featured at the Minneapolis St. Paul International film festival called "Bridge". Here's a link. (

There have been other interviews over the years with local and national media. Additionally, my story became a folk song recorded for an album by Curtis & Loretta Simonet. Here's how that came about. (

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